Location: St Mary's Hospital, London
Size: 80m2
Client: Helen Hamlyn Centre and NHS
Date: On-site Nov 2014

Text from brief:

The HELIX Centre (HELIX stands for Healthcare Innovation Exchange) is a joint initiative between the Royal College of Art (RCA) and Imperial College London (ICL). This pioneering centre will combine the user-centred design expertise and creativity of the RCA with the clinical, engineering and scientific knowhow of ICL in order to optimise healthcare innovation, in collaboration with a range of international partners.

A team of HELIX designers, business developers and clinical research fellows will be based in the Paterson wing of St Mary’s Hospital Paddington. Recruitment of the team is taking place autumn 2013. However there is a need and an opportunity to dramatically raise the profile of this initiative with the large community of St Mary’s frontline NHS staff.

Imperial has agreed to HELIX erecting a pop-up Design Lab for 12 months during 2014 in the staff car park next to St Mary’s Hospital, an small but high profile pop-up structure of some 80 m2 over two stories to facilitate interactions between doctors, nurses, patients and designers, and to project the HELIX brand and mission. The structure should accommodate meetings, brainstorms, mentoring, coaching and creative ideation sessions, and have a display/gallery function.